Emotional Health and Wellbeing 

Taking Care of People at Home, Work or School

  • Gain awareness of your emotions
  • Understand the benefits of stress
  • Manage your emotional health
  • Facilitate professional intervention
  • Utilize analytics for improvement
  • Improve your wellbeing and thrive …


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CRED3 is a modern video platform that helps people understand the importance of their feelings and emotions. Managing stress plays an important role in our personal lives, business productivity, educational goals and healthcare recovery.  


We simplify the process of gathering and managing videos to serve the people of the world, complex global business demands and medical communities.  Our videos are remotely collected, analyzed real-time and stored in a safe data environment.  We provide proactive emotional health and wellbeing analytics and alerts for self-malmanagement and professional intervention.


Benefits include:

  • Enhanced patient experience and improved outcomes  
  • Increased employee productivity and job satisfaction
  • Better customer experience and recommendations
  • Improved student activity and career advancement


3 Steps to Better Outcomes



Record a baseline video and then record regularly scheduled journal entries



View and monitor emotional health and wellbeing analytics



Develop self-management or professional plans for improvement 



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